We, Rodney and Jolanda Blevins, have been missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 1997. We both did a Discipleship Training School (DTS) at the YWAM base Heidebeek in Heerde, The Netherlands. The DTS is YWAM’s six month training course designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique gifts and purpose to use in missions.

In March 2000, we moved to the city of Zenica in Bosnia & Herzegovina where we lived and worked until June 2003. We moved back to The Netherlands in 2003 continue our ministry at the YWAM base Heidebeek.

Through various missions and ministry trips throughout the years, we have impacted people in 16 different countries spanning five continents!

Jolanda has been involved with the pastoral and staff care and development teams at Heidebeek. She has also been a mentor to other missionary ladies as well as students in the Discipleship Training School and other schools given at Heidebeek.

From 2008 until 2013, Rodney was the leader of EuroCom, YWAM Europe’s communication team. EuroCom existed to serve the leadership of YWAM Europe and YWAM Europe’s communication needs.

EuroCom, like all of YWAM’s communication teams operating at local, regional, field and global levels worked together to:

  • improve communication among ministry locations and between leaders and staff
  • represent YWAM to the church and public
  • empower missionaries with valuable skills, heart and vision
  • produce recruiting and training resources
  • help YWAM be more effective in its mandate to know God and to make Him known
Jolanda preparing DVDs to be shipped out.

Jolanda preparing DVDs to be shipped out.

And now…

We traveled in April 2012 as a family to visit Colorado Springs, Colorado to spy out the land and see if this was some place where God would have us move to work with a small, communications-oriented YWAM team called Y360. It was a great trip for us all and God seemed to really be confirming to us that He indeed wanted us to move there. The girls enjoyed it and could see themselves living there and going to school. Jolanda also saw many opportunities for herself to serve there.

Above all, it was the contact with the YWAMers in the team with which we would be working that made the biggest impact on us.

We got a green light from God, and in January 2013 we moved as a family to Colorado Springs, CO, USA to join Y360.

Jolanda works with Member Care (Life and Growth Team) as well as hosting ministries who make use of our facilities for occasions such as board meetings, workshops, etc.

Rodney with a shipment ready to go to Australia

Rodney with a shipment ready to go to Australia

Rodney works with our online store Crown Ministries International (crownmin.org) shipping Christian teaching materials (books and DVDs) over the whole world. He is also in charge of the web-related projects, helping missionaries and ministries (and even some local businesses) define their voice on the internet and to communicate their message as effectively as possible via the World Wide Web.

Since February 2013, Lisa and Sarah attend a local public school. They enjoy school and have adapted well.