Sarah and the “thankfulness tree”

This Fall, we have a tree in our kitchen that’s not losing it’s leaves, it’s only getting more! It’s a “Thankfulness Tree” on our kitchen wall! This month, we wanted to prepare our hearts for Thanksgiving by taking time every day to think about what we are thankful for. We cut “leaves” out of colored paper and write down the things we are thankful for. We are amazed and thankful to see the girls really engaging in this and to see “normal” things in a new light.

We are thankful for God, family, internet, our supporters, our home churches, yes, even donuts, school, friends, our car, provision, a warm house, neighbors and so on…. It makes for good conversations at dinner and bed time.

Every day our tree is getting fuller and fuller with “Thanksgiving” leaves and our hearts our filling up with thankfulness to Him who provides all good things.

What are you thankful for? Share it with us and we’ll put a leaf on our tree for you.

Business as Mission

Last year, a web design firm here in Colorado Springs offered me (Rodney) a part-time job. This firm is run by a YWAM couple Bill and Karma Duggin. Bill and Karma have been with YWAM since the 70’s and have been in Colorado Springs for several years now.

About 3 or 4 years ago, they felt God calling them to start a business to impact the business world for God’s kingdom. It is still a YWAM ministry, but under the name “Business as Mission”.

The term “Business as Mission” has been used in YWAM for a number of years now. To put it another way, you use your workplace, your job as a mission field and with your missions experience and skills “disciple” others.

Rodney with his new coworker Bill Duggin

Rodney with his new coworker Bill Duggin

I will be working for them 15 hours a week and will be doing mostly the same work as I do now, except that I will be receiving a salary for it. The rest of my work week I will continue to work at Y360 doing the same things I was doing before.

It took us almost a year to come to this decision, after much prayer and deliberation. This Fall, we are losing a large monthly supporter ($400 per month) and earlier this year, we had already lost about $300 per month due to the exchange rate between the Dollar and the Euro. So, with the loss of $700 per month, this additional income is a real blessing that couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s nice to have some breathing room and to not have to be so anxious about our finances.

It’s a real blessing to be able to work with a team of web professionals who are also Christians. We start most days with prayer and also go back to God regularly when we come up against a challenge. The new projects I am working on are a good challenge for me good for my professional development.

YWAM Y360 Looks ahead to 2016

Besides coming up with next year’s budgets, for the last three weeks, our Y360 team has been brainstorming about the (new) projects and ministries we would like to do in 2016. Here are a few of the things we will be starting (and continuing to do):

  • Foodbank ministry
  • Reaching out to immigrants and refugees in our city
  • English as a Second Language School (ESL)
  • Missionary care (debriefing)
  • SoulCare retreats
  • Facilitating workshops and board meetings for other ministries
  • Hospitality
  • Online webstore
  • Media productions like Café 360
  • Video/communication workshops
  • Web design
  • Awareness events

Y360 has a global and local focus on reflecting Jesus. We seek opportunities to express our passions in all aspects of life, believing that Jesus does the same while also offering Life to all of us.

Watch our first Y360 video update!

It feels good to be able to play a small role in missions, a part of the bigger missions picture. It’s partly because you, our (financial) partners, encourage and support us. We are very grateful for you (your “leaf” is already hanging on the tree). Together we make missions work!