English as a Second Language

This Summer, Y360 ran a three-month long English as Second Language (ESL) school, a course designed to train missionaries for whom English isn’t a first language but who need it to be effective on the mission field. We had spanish-speaking students from Colombia, who brought a lot of life to our team.

Colombianen over de vloer

Colombians calling


ESL Classroom

We are proud that,  after three months of intense study, the students could receive their diploma during their graduation.

Just to give you an example, one of the Colombian students will soon be working in Turkey.

Diploma uitreiking


Yes! De diploma's!

The diplomas


At the moment, Rodney is working on a couple of websites which focus on reaching out to M*slims. One of them is complementary to a radio show that teaches English using English songs and both Christian and non-Christian music videos. The hope is that they will not only learn English, but also will come in contact with the love of Jesus.

We would love to show you some examples of these ministries’ websites, but unfortunately we can’t for security reasons.

Member Care Training

The first week of August, Jo attended a Member Care training at YWAM Discovery Bay in Washington state. A number of YWAM staff from mostly North America who work in member care were invited to attend this debriefing training. Jo writes: “I learned so much this week; so many techniques to debrief missionaries.” The main purpose of this training is to equip staff to debrief missionaries so that they can stay emotionally healthy and on the mission field as long as possible… to help prevent them from “burning out”, and so that they can be better equipped to head back to the field to continue in their ministry.

YWAM Discovery Bay in Port Towsend, Washington hosted the training

Natuurlijk met de deelnemers van de training samen op de foto!

A group picture of the participants

In most cases, she will be debriefing singles and couples who come to Colorado Springs for debriefing, while they are on furlough from the mission field or in cases where they need to take a break because of a visa situation, or because of a relationship situation, etc.

Summer in the Blevins Household

During the Summer vacation, Lisa and Sarah often came with us to Y360. They had lots of fun together with the other “Y360 kids” and kept themselves busy while their parents worked. Lisa was a great help to Rodney, helping prepare teaching materials to be sent out form our online store.

Werk aan de (web)winkel

Lisa helps prepare DVDs for shipment

Gezellige drukte

Lots of fun

It was also great to be able to open our home to a number of guests this summer. They came for various reasons: to rest and relax, spend time alone with God, enjoy His beautiful creation and of course get out in nature. Most of the “Blevins B&B” guests were here for vacation because of the beautiful area in which we live.

Logees uit Minnesota...

Guests from Minnesota…

...en uit Oklahoma

…and Oklahoma

In addition, we had a couple of missionaries staying with us who came for a time of debriefing (with another Member Care couple here in the Springs) during the morning and then would come back to our place to do their “homework” in the afternoons and evenings.

Jolanda is totally in her element, receiving guests, offering hospitality and being that “listening ear”. Just to give you an idea, we had guests here from Minnesota, Wyoming, Oklahoma and even Toronto, Canada.


Missionaries from YWAM Perth working on their debriefing “homework” in our backyard.

Lisa turned 12 and started middle school

Lisa turned 12 and started middle school

Sarah's first day of school as a 3rd grader.

Sarah’s first day of school as a 3rd grader.


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