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Communication needs to be effective as well as efficient

Communication needs to be effective as well as efficient

Never before has it been so easy to communicate with large audiences over great distances or even to reach out to individuals personally through email and social media. Communication has become more efficient than ever, but it also needs to be effective.

Our vision is empowering people to fulfill their calling. That’s why the web is more than just an efficient means of communication. Used in the right way, it can help empower people to tell their stories more effectively.

Praying for Ruth as she leaves for Nepal

Our Y360 team praying for Ruth as she leaves for Nepal

Let me (Rodney) give you an example. As most of you will know, in April of 2015 there was a major earthquake that hit Nepal and some of the surrounding areas. Within a few hours, some of my team members and I collected information and put together a webpage providing a way for people to donate online. The funds will go to Nepal Mission which is headed up by Ruth Parajuli, a Colorado resident originally from Nepal. Nepal Mission seeks to serve the poorest of the poor and disabled in Nepal. We know Ruth personally and have worked with her in the past.

Church building that collapsed killing many people

Church building that collapsed killing many people

Ruth’s church was heavily hit and many of her church family were killed – it being a Sunday morning – and her sister was seriously wounded. Even though the village is only 50 miles from the capital city of Kathmandu, it will likely receive much less help than some of the other larger cities will receive in the coming months.

Have a look at the site here.

For more info on Ruth’s story and Nepal Missions, you can watch the video Y360 made for her a while back.

Member Care

Talking with missionaries and just being that

Talking with missionaries and just being that “listening” ear for them is important!

Last October, I (Jolanda) came into contact with a couple from another YWAM ministry here in Colorado Springs. They are part of the YWAM North American Member Care core team. After several conversations and sharing some of the experiences I have had with Member Care in Europe, a new door for ministry has opened for me. I’m delighted that I can use my experience that I gained at the Heidebeek base here at YWAM Y360 for Member Care in North America. My heart goes out to missionaries, helping to protect, maintain and restore these Kingdom workers.

I want to make sure that missionaries can go the distance and be effective in what they do. Just being that listening ear for them, listening to their victories such as their first real conversation in their new language.

Conversations range from subjects such as culture shock to homesickness to a visa being denied. Or what about missionaries that have worked long-term overseas and return back to their home country and feel like a stranger in their own culture. That’s what Member Care is all about!

New Blevins Website

We are proud to announce that, after several months hard work, we have launched our redesigned website. Check it out and share it on your favorite social networks!


New and improved Blevins site!

Last Week of School

Last week, Lisa went on a 3-day camp to celebrate the end of 5th grade and elementary school. Next year she will be entering middle school! This is their last week of school and next Fall, Sarah will be entering third grade, which is, by the way, the grade Lisa entered when we first move here! My how the time flies!


Furlough-Airplane-Only-enSunday, May 24th, we will be leaving on furlough to The Netherlands for several weeks. We are looking forward to reconnecting with churches, supporters, friends and family.

The first three Sundays, we will be sharing our vision and work in three different churches. We will also be visiting the YWAM Heidebeek base where we served for 13 years for a time of sharing as well as debriefing.

There is still an opportunity to partner with us financially in this important furlough trip. Just visit our donation page for info on how to do so.

Thanks in advance for considering this!