Every TV show has to have a premiere, and a week ago Saturday was Café 360’s day, or evening rather, in the sun.

The TV show started production last Summer (2014) and the first episode was finished just a few weeks ago (actually, they were still putting some finishing touches on the sound the day of the premiere).

The goal of Café 360 is to equip youth in developing nations (with an initial focus on African youth) to make the right life choices using an upbeat, Bible based, inspiring, and educational TV show on a variety of topics relevant to them.

The first episode on the "big screen"

The first episode on the “big screen”

We had a decent crowd last Saturday, some pretty encouraging responses and the first donations came in! We will continue to raise more funds for the Café 360 project, by screening it in churches and other venues like small groups and of course through social media. We hope and pray that the right people will get excited and get behind us so that we can continue this project.

Now that the first episode has been shown to a US audience, we will be screening it for audiences in other countries as well.

By selling our own “African blend” coffee and “Café 360” mugs (hint, click the links to order some online), we hope to raise interest in the project and also bring in some funds.


Our very own “African blend” coffee and hand-painted mugs

Rodney in the Y360 leadership team

In January Rob, our director, released Jolanda from her function on the leadership team and asked me, Rodney, to take her place. Rob likes to keep things fresh and usually changes the leadership team from year-to-year. She made a great contribution to the LT during her time and her own, unique skills will be missed. Although, with her pastoral heart and giftings, she will continue to be a blessing to the LT and to our whole Y360 team.

From the shipping room…

Rodney with a shipment ready to go to Australia

Rodney with a shipment ready to go to Australia

Most mornings at 8:00 AM, I, Rodney can be found in the Y360 shipping room. Orders come in to our online bookstore from over the whole world and need to be shipped out in a timely manner. Thankfully, we had a volunteer helping us out for a few weeks which allowed me to focus on other things. Jolanda and others in the office handle orders as well, especially when large orders come in. In this way, we all carry the load together.

Conferences and Meetings

At the beginning of the year, requests start coming in for the rental of our large class- and conference rooms for such things as other organization’s board meetings, workshops, etc. As facility manager, Jolanda enjoys handling these bookings and the hospitality for them so as to be a blessing to these other organizations.

The contact with people from these other ministries is refreshing and it’s always good to learn and be encouraged by people from outside of Y360 and even YWAM.

English Immersion

We are also busy promoting the English as a Second Language School which is scheduled for this coming June. The need for missionaries from non-English speaking countries to quickly acquire a better knowledge of the English language is great. In this way, they can be more effective on the mission field. We even know of missionaries who had to leave the field simply because their English wasn’t good enough.

This Summer we hope to “immerse” these students for 13 weeks in the English language. They’ll eat, sleep and breathe English.

You can find out more at y360.org/esl


Furlough in The Netherlands

May 24th, we take off for a 5-week furlough in The Netherlands. It will be great to see family and friends again, but also to reconnect with supporters and churches.

We have already booked three Sundays in three different churches. We will be giving a missions presentation and hopefully recruiting some more people to partner with us both in prayer and financially.

We will also be at the YWAM Heidebeek base where we lived for 13 years to catch up with old friends and also for a time of “debriefing” with Member Care.

It is also important for our children to be back in the land where they were born after having been away for 2-1/2 years. Jolanda says, “I’m probably the only one who thinks ‘I’m going back home’, since Lisa and Sarah feel right at home here in Colorado.” Still, I think they are looking forward to being back in The Netherlands, playing with friends, taking a look at their old school, etc.

Furlough-Airplane-ENIt would be great if you would take the time to pray and think about helping us out with a one-time donation for our tickets. We still need about $1890. Thanks in advance for praying along with us about this need.

We greatly appreciate your continued prayer and financial support. It’s a blessing to us that you walk alongside us in the missions adventure. We have lived “by faith” for 18 years now but every month is a new blessing to us. Thanks for your support!