This last Summer, the first episode of Café 360 went into production. What is Café 360? From the website (

Café 360 is a unique opportunity to meet the needs of youth in Africa by investing in the second decade of their lives. With its open, magazine-style format, the show takes on a variety of topics relevant to today’s youth in a fresh and redemptive way. It builds its content upon values upheld by the Bible, conveyed in a context-sensitive manner, and easily applicable to international audiences. It leaves the audience with concrete, healthy, and contextualized ways to grow and change. Our goal is to give everyone the tools to create a better life, where they are.

Producing a TV series is no mean feat, and Jolanda and I had no idea how much time and energy it takes to record just one scene: helping the young actors rehearse their lines, getting them in costumes and makeup, getting the sound just right (and free from loud ambient noises like airplanes), keeping the crew hydrated and fed, retaking some shots 10 times or more; and all of this for two weeks long! Working with the film crew and actors the first episode of the TV series Café 360 was a great experience.

Our fellow staff are now in the editing phase and hope to be done with that sometime this Fall. We will have a screening of the first episode sometime in October or November, so if you’re in the Springs, let us know, we’d love to have you come.


From all the orders coming in to our Christian online bookstore we can see that the Fall School year in YWAM has started again with all of the schools and courses that are offered. Suddenly there is much more demand for teaching materials, courses and studies, and we are shipping out large boxes with DVDs, teaching materials and books worldwide almost on a daily basis. So at the moment, there’s a little more practical work to be done, but it also means there’s never a dull moment around Y360. I (Rodney) am becoming an expert in duplicating DVDs, and preparing and shipping these orders! Just to give you an idea, last week I had an order order for 250 DVDs and 50 study guides. For more info about our store please visit:


For more information about the AudiBible, you can watch our promo video or check out

The Myanmar refugee church that meets weekly in our YWAM location recently celebrated a milestone. “The Myanmar Christian Fellowship” was officially one year old and celebrated with – what for our standards was a “long” – church service, and with a lot of good Burmese food. It was quit an experience as a family to sit in on this service which was entirely in the Burmese language. Great to see these beautiful people flourishing in their new “home” culture.



The Blevins family got a refresher course in the Dutch language this past Summer. We enjoyed the visit of Opa Karelse and then our oldest niece Sabine from the Netherlands. After that, we had some friends and Grandma and Grandpa Blevins in our guest room (not all at the same time). All in all we had guests for a total of about 10 weeks.



Last Summer, we also had the privilege of sharing in two services in our home church in Globe, Arizona. I (Rodney) preached and together, Jolanda and I gave a short missions presentation about our work in Colorado.

I (Rodney) spoke briefly on the topic of “They kingdom come, They will be done”. I encouraged the congregation to allow themselves to be an answer to this prayer. To allow God to use them here on Earth to see His kingdom coming and His will being done through who we are and what we do and say.

To weeks ago, our 4 YWAM locations here in Colorado Springs came together for a time of worship and prayer. The purpose for the time was to meet ar our newest location, YWAM Emerge and to pray for their location and their staff. For more information about thie YWAM ministry, go to:




A major project for our home this summer was the tackling of the yard and patio. Fortunately, we were also greatly blessed by a church in the neighborhood, who wanted to bless local residents by doing projects for them. Our house was chosen among 60 or so others, and in August they brought in a lot of manpower to help us. They painted our shed and converted the sprinkler system in our front yard to drip irrigation. What a blessing!




In November, Jolanda will be flying to The Netherlands to visit her family. The main reason is that her Dad will be turning 80 in December, and that calls for a party! She will be gone November 14th to the 29th. Thankfully, Grandma Blevins will be here for most of the time to help out with the girls. (Grandpa is coming, too for a few days.)

Thank you again for taking the time to read our update and for your continued support.