Coloring Easter eggs while the snow comes down outside!

Coloring Easter eggs while the snow comes down outside!

It’s always interesting to hear people talking about extreme weather conditions in other parts of the world. Unexpected snow or conversely unexpectedly mild winter weather. 70F weather one day and two days later snow. I have to chuckle to myself a bit because that’s exactly what we call “normal” weather here in Colorado. That’s Colorado for you!

Visa Issues

We recently had to say “goodbye” to two of our staff here at Y360. Tee (Thailand) and Joy (Singapore) found out in February that their visa request (which had been in process for more than two years) had been denied and they flew out of Denver on March 19th.

So it was with a heavy heart that we had a “goodbye” party for them a few weeks ago. However, we called it a “see you later” party since we firmly believe they will be back someday. We will miss them as people, but they were also instrumental in several areas here, our online book store, a major video project we are working on, food bank runs and Joy would help staff a counseling school at the large YWAM base down the road.

Please continue to pray for our visa situation here, as they are the send and third staff that have been denied visas in the last few years.


With the (hopefully temporary) loss of Tee and Joy as well as other staff members who are moving on or who will be gone for training, it means that our Y360 team will be narrowing our focus in the coming year or two. Practically speaking, this means we will have to cancel the training workshops we had planned as well as most of the events. These are things we are setting aside temporarily so we can focus on some very exciting video and web projects and on the Crown Ministries ( web-store which is a vital ministry that we are privileged to be involved with as well as a source of income for the other ministries we are involved with here.

I, Rodney, have been focusing on what I’m calling Y360 Webhosting 2.0. We host several sites using software called WordPress, but we have noticed that for some it is not so easy to use. For this reason, I have been developing an all-in-one solution which will make it much easier for people to have a nice website which they can maintain and update themselves relatively easy. It’s our hope that we will be able to equip many more people and ministries with websites of their own.

The Y360 Webstore

One of the many products in our online store

If you haven’t visited our online bookstore yet, I would highly recommend it to you. Crown Ministries carries many of the key teachings which are taught in YWAM’s Discipleship Training School on DVD, CD and in book format. It’s no substitute for doing an actual DTS, but it is certainly a great resource for any who can’t get away to do the six-month YWAM school.

Other resources help us broaden our vision for the people around us in the world and increase our effectiveness of their ministry. We hope to provide “food for thought” so that people’s faith can be deepened and that they will be equipped to be even more effective in their Christian life and ministry.

Packages with DVDs, CDs, study guides and books, YWAM promo materials and even t-shirts leave our “mailroom” weekly for destinations around the country and all over the world. Customers include individuals, but also leaders of DTSes, organizations, youth groups, church groups, etc who all want to make use of these fundamental teachings.

One year in Colorado!

Via de iPhone gezellig op nichtje Olivia's feestje!

Thanks to FaceTime Jo could be at her niece’s birthday party

This last January marked our first year in Colorado! Sometimes it feels like the year has flow by and at other times it feels like it’s been much longer since we left The Netherlands. So much has happened in this last year and we are very blessed with our new house, work and new friendships (although Jolanda misses being able to go to a friend’s house for a “gezellig” – cozy – Dutch coffee time). Even though we all really feel at home here, Jolanda and the girls do miss friends, family and typical Dutch things. FaceTime and Skype are a godsend and it’s nice for Jolanda and the girls to be able to “visit” family in The Netherlands.

The girls have adjusted really well to life here, but they do miss their Opa and certain Dutch foods. They also wish Grandpa and Grandma lived a little closer to us (hint, hint)!

Thanks for your involvement in our lives in whichever way that may be. We appreciate your prayers and support.

Lisa's kunstwerk was uit 350 leerlingen gekozen en hing 2 mnd. in een "Artshow".

Lisa’s art work was one of only a few chosen out of 350 students at her school and was on display for 2 months in the Air Force Federal Credit Union art show.