Thanksgiving Day has come and gone again and we hope you all had a good, safe time celebrating the holiday with family and friends.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with friends from Y360 and their family. I (Rodney) had really been looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving in our own home for the first time, but in the end, it was nice to be able to just show up with some pies and green bean casserole (what’s Thanksgiving without green bean casserole?) and enjoy the feast. And enjoy it, we did.

Four YWAM Locations in Colorado Springs!

Jolanda writes: The fact that there is more than one YWAM location in Colorado Springs has become quite evident to me lately as I answer the phone here at Y360! People are most likely searching for “Youth With A Mission” on the internet and end up with our number. They call for various things, including information about doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS) or various other YWAM training programs none of which are offered here at our location! Most people have no idea that there are four YWAM locations in Colorado Springs, meaning that, although I do my best to give them information, I often have to refer them to other locations in Colorado Springs.

The most bizarre phone call I handled recently was a lady looking for the funeral service of a friend! “Do you do funerals?” she asked. Hmmm… maybe a new ministry opportunity for Y360?

What are the other three YWAM locations?

The largest YWAM base is YWAM Strategic Frontiers, which has 150 staff and operates much like the YWAM base Heidebeek we worked at in The Netherlands. It is a training center with many students whose focus is mostly on sending out teams to Asia and closed countries.

YWAM NSI stands for “Network for Strategic Initiatives”. This base runs DTSes and training schools with the mission to “identify, launch and coordinate global strategic initiatives”.

YWAM Emerge “mobilizes the Body of Christ in all spheres of society into a personal involvement in transforming the least reached people of the world”.

Leadership Team

In August, I (Jolanda) was asked to be part of the Y360 Leadership Team (LT). My first reaction was, “why me?” However, I quickly realized that the reason was that they needed someone on the LT with my specific set of gifts and talents. Rob Abraham, our base leader, writes the following:

Rob, Jolanda, Moulouk, Tee

Rob, Jolanda, Moulouk, Tee

I am glad to have you because you have an authentic heart for people, to see them personally empowered and developed into their fullest potential. You are a fun personality, teachable, and show a quick willingness to serve, with an ability for implicational thinking. As we develop Y360 with fresh vision and ideas, I believe for this next season, you bring in a gift mix that I need on Y360’s leadership.

It is a new challenge for me with new responsibilities. The LT consists of our base leader, Rob Abraham (India), Moulouk Mouzaoir (Africa), Tee Suwit (Thailand) and Dutchy Jolanda! We are a nice, international mix which really embodies our worldwide focus on reflecting Jesus. We seek opportunities to express our passions in all aspects of life, believing that Jesus does the same while also offering Life to all of us.

YWAM Colorado

In October, I (Jolanda) attended a two-day conference in Denver for all of YWAM Colorado. Being together with so many other YWAM staff was a new experience for me. We received teaching, but mostly we prayed and listened to God’s voice, asking Him to communicate again to us how we as a mission here in Colorado can minister to the world around us.

Besides the locations in Colorado Springs, there are two large YWAM locations in Denver and one in Cimmaron. I was amazed at how many YWAMers there are just in Colorado.

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World, an annual multicultural event for internationals, immigrants & visitors from various cultures and faiths, will be this Friday, December 6th. We are organizing this together with other organizations here in the Springs such as Compassion and The Navigators. Together we will celebrate the Reason for the Christmas season with multicultural performances from across the globe, a variety of international foods, with plenty of opportunity for conversations, networking and relationship-building around fun cultural/international activities. We are expecting about 500 international guests.

We have been working hard to find sponsors, so we can offer a delicious dinner to at least 500 people at no cost to them. It is a blessing that restaurants, businesses and individuals have gotten behind this event to bless us with free international food.

Jolanda and I are very curious what the guests will think of this event we pray that our guests will be touched by the real reason and message of why we celebrate Christmas through the program, performances and interaction with others. May they experience Jesus presence that evening!

We invite you to watch the live stream of Christmas Around the World from 6 pm MST on December 6th.

Once again we want to express our appreciation for your involvement in our ministry, your prayers and financial support. They are an encouragement and blessing to us and without them, we couldn’t do what we are doing. Thanks!