Onze woonkamer
Our living room

“It is God’s blessings on our life to have you in [my parents house]. It was Mom’s dream that someday a missionary family could live there. Their refrigerator door was always covered with support cards from missionaries. Mom’s sister was a missionary with the free church. Dad’s sister was a YWAM missionary in the eighties.

It is a house full of laughter, prayers, and love and it gave us much PEACE and a sense of God’s purpose to hand it off to you.”

It was with tears in our eyes and a great sense of awe and wonderment, that we read this message from the daughter of the previous owners of our house, who were killed in a tragic car accident in August 2012. As a daughter herself, Jolanda could imagine what it would be like if her dad passed away and the house where she grew up was sold to strangers, so we had reached out to their daughter on Facebook, hoping to have contact with her if she wanted that.

This is just one more confirmation to us that our house is a gift from God. What a beautiful testimony that, through the years this house was already a house full of “laughter, prayers, and love”. We had already noticed how well the house itself had been taken care of, and now we know that the atmosphere was just as well cared for as the house itself. What a beautiful example to follow in our own family, besides the great example we already have from our own families and the homes in which we grew up. It is our prayer and desire that this house will continue to be a blessing to many – family, friends, neighbors, missionaries and whoever enters our home.


Rodney en zijn broer Terry
Rodney his brother, Terry

Summer has flown by and our lives have settled back into the “normal” daily rhythm of school and work. After having a great time with family in California celebrating Terry and Darling’s wedding, we came back to Globe, AZ for a couple of weeks of vacation and furlough. We were able to be in our home church’s new sanctuary for the first time for two Sundays, and what a beautiful building it is!

The first Sunday we were there, the church held a reception for us and the second Sunday, we were able to minister in the services.

This was the first time we have “come home” to Globe on furlough by car, and it felt strange to not be coming in by plane. The same goes for when we left, and this strange feeling gave Jolanda a sense of homesickness from that point onward. She was homesick for all the usual, ordinary things, biking to the grocery store, food she can’t get here, etc. But also homesickness for the independence, responsibility and simply being able to take more initiative herself like she could in The Netherlands. Now that I, Rodney, am in my home country, I am taking care of more things that she would normally have taken care of back in The Netherlands.

It also coincided with the infamous “6-month wall” that missionaries, or anyone for that matter, living in a foreign country have to break through. We’ve seen it time and again and experience ourselves several times as well. Thankfully, she is starting to feel more and more at home and was even able to pass her Colorado driving exam to get her license here which should give her a feeling of even more independence. Lisa and Sarah are doing great, which of course helps us feel more at home here. They are enjoying school and life here and are already speaking English more easily than Dutch!

Y360 Retreat

YWAM360 retraite
Y360 Retreat

The last week of July, we as a Y360 team met together for a time of reflection, taking stock of where we are at and where we have been for the last couple of years and then taking a look at the future. We took time to seek God together for His leading for the season (18 months or so) that is ahead of us. Y360 is made up of 16 staff and God has brought us together with our different cultures (about 6 different nationalities) and giftings.

We certainly have the talents to lead such a diversity of ministries and departments. Besides the web development and design, video and film production, marketing, selling products online (YWAM teaching resources), training and workshops that we were already doing, we have taken on several new and exciting initiatives.

Through our discussions and brainstorming it became clear that our desire is to reach out not only internationally, but also within our own community of Colorado Springs, by helping and training churches, organizations, businesses or individuals locally. We have so much to offer out of our collective years of experience in our various fields and through all and in all that Jesus would be glorified and made known to those around us.

Life and Growth

Another thing that clearly came out was the desire to care for our own team members in more practical ways. We want to see growth and development in our own team members and that each person is cared for through mentoring, coaching, evaluations, team activities (worship, etc.) and unity.

This is, of course, right up Jolanda’s alley and exactly what she was involved with at Heidebeek. She and several other staff people have joined together to start a new team called: “Life and Growth”. Their purpose is to see our staff “cared for” and to see them continually growing and developing so that they can have the commitment and competence to continue in ministry and stay “fresh” in the ministry to which they have been called.

Media Services Team

One more thing that came out of the Y360 staff retreat was the desire to setup various “departments” (more like a larger base would have) each with it’s own coordinator. It seemed like a good idea that I would be the coordinator for the Media Services Team, which includes web development, video production and also graphic and web design.

I and Moulouk, who is leading the video production team, met together to brainstorm and discuss what ideas we have and things we would like to develop in the next 18 months or so. We discussed several exciting, new initiatives which you will be hearing more about in the coming months. The main theme, though was helping YWAMers (starting with our own staff) be more effective in communicating about their own ministry and in their efforts to raise up new ministry partners who will support them financially.

At the moment, I am working mostly on websites. These are websites for YWAM bases, and other organizations which are doing great work for God’s kingdom. It is my hope that, I, using my gifts and talents can empower others to fulfill their calling through the medium of the Internet.

There are two sites (one I have finished and one I’m still working on) which are reaching out to people in countries where it is difficult or almost impossible for a traditional missionary to go. The purpose of these sites is to bring people in contact with Jesus the Messiah in a non-threatening, non-judgmental, loving way. We greatly appreciate your prayers for safety and breakthrough.

Once again, thank you for reading our updates and your involvement in our lives.