Hopiland Outreach

Bekijk hier de video van de Hopi outreach in AZ
You can watch the outreach video here

In April, seven of our fellow Y360 staff went on an outreach to the Hopi Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona. They went mainly to bless the YWAMers there who were in desperate need of some help renovating the house in which they are living. There is only one full-time staff lady working there, and one other staff lady who joins her from time-to-time, so you can imagine what a blessing it was to have some major things done on the house.

One of the major projects they undertook was completely renovating the mens’ bathroom, fixing the water heaters and insulating it. This was a major need since there was no way they could host teams at their location with the mens’ bathroom in such a state of disrepair.

Part of the team helped setup a small keyhole garden so that the staff can grow some of their own vegetables using minimal water in the arid conditions there on the Hopi Reservation.

Shini, one of our staff, also had the privilege of speaking at a Hopi conference on Sexual Abuse Awareness in Kykotsmovi. She was invited to speak on pain and the role of prayer in the healing process.

To help raise money for this outreach (for all the materials and supplies for the renovation), our YWAM office held an “International Food Bazaar”. Together with our international colleagues we prepared and sold Thai, Indian, African, Indonesian and European dishes.

Get Control of Your Life


I (Rodney) have been busy these last few months with several web projects. One of the ones I am particularly proud to be a part of is the website of my friend and fellow staff, Debra Buenting. The site is Get Control of Your Life (getcontrolofyourlife.org) and the purpose is “helping people grow strong and fruitful lives”. Debra is not overtly evangelistic on the site, but also not afraid to share her faith in God.

I would encourage you to read through the articles and insights she shares there. You can also subscribe to weekly updates by email here: getcontrolofyourlife.org/subscribe and look us up on Facebook here: 2fb.us/gcoyl. She hopes to start an audio podcast next month. One of the things I am also excited about is that she has offered me the opportunity to be a guest blogger, so hopefully you will be seeing some articles from me on the site soon.

Some other projects I am working on:

  • Global Span: Outreach to M*slims: the site is not yet live, but I will post a link as soon as it does go live.
  • TribalWinds.org: the website of YWAM N. Arizona, outreach to the Hopis.
  • DucoDivina.org: the website of another fellow staff member, Shini Abraham. I only played a small role, but I’m proud to be associated with it.

Home sweet home!

In de voortuin van ons toekomstig huis
Front yard of our future home

We’re in the final countdown until we can close on our new home and get the keys! In case you hadn’t heard it already via other sources (if you’re on Facebook, you can follow us on our Facebook page here: 2fb.us/blevins) we have been under contract to buy a house since April.

The closing date is set for May 17th and we had hoped to close sooner, but with all the things that still need to happen, this just isn’t possible. And we just found out that the family in whose house we’re staying will be coming back on the 15th! Thankfully, we can stay at the large YWAM base Strategic Frontiers for those last few days, but what to do with all the stuff we have been collecting in the garage of our temporary house? We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom in this.

Back yard

Thankfully, the house is in very good condition and we won’t have to do much to it before we can move in. We had certainly been bringing our “wish-list” before God in prayer these last few weeks. Our girls had specifically prayed for a yard in which they could play and a street where they could bike. Lisa’s reaction when we first went to look at the house was “Look, mom, a yard for us and a clothesline, because you want to hang your clothes outside, right?” And the street is a nice, wide quiet street where the girls can safely ride their bikes.

We are just so thankful and full of wonder that God has provided this house for us at the 11th hour! But actually so quickly, as well since we had only dreamt of the possibility of actually buying a house in these few months before we had to move out of our temporary house. It certainly feels as though He had ordained it all along, but that’s how things go when God is in control, right?

God provides in amazing ways!

Fondsenwerving workshop
Friendraising workshop

Last week we had a visit from our former Heidebeek co-worker Terry Sherman. Terry is American and has been working for 30 years with YWAM Heidebeek in The Netherlands. She was here for a conference and, of course, also took the time to visit us in Colorado Springs… and she brought with her our last suitcase from The Netherlands.

From our many years of working together at Heidebeek in the Staff Care and Development team, I knew that with her talents and experience in teaching on fundraising for missionaries she would be a blessing to YWAM Y360! That’s why I organized a Fundraising Workshop for our staff at Y360, with guest speaker Terry Sherman from YWAM Heidebeek.

The focus of the workshop was on building a network of friends and family, a TEAM of people who want to help our ministry and who support our vision. You, our newsletter readers, community members, family and friends have partnered with us for almost 17 ??years in this way.

“A small act of generosity can grow into something far bigger”

We are blessed with a “TEAM” of people, who each in his or her own way contribute to God’s work. This is a great partnership in and for God’s Kingdom! Your giving, no matter how small, can become something BIG and beautiful (2 Cor 9:10,11). We have experienced this time and again, as God provides for our needs!

Thank you for being a part of the Great Commission helping us to empower people to fulfill their calling and that together we may make a difference for Him.