The luggage all lined up and ready to go

It’s been about three weeks since we arrived in Colorado with nine pieces of luggage and two bikes and we have had several minor victories along the way (although, frankly, at the time, they all felt like major victories). Just getting here with all of our luggage and the bikes was it’s own, minor victory.

Being back has been more of an adjustment (and still is) than I had expected. Of course, I’m not adjusting for myself alone, but also for my wife and daughters. And even though I’m in my own home country, I have constantly been reminding myself of the rule used by missionaries in many, other countries: “If you only get one thing done today, consider yourself blessed”.

For instance, there have been things like:

  • transferring the title of the van we bought from Danny and Hermine Falquez (missionaries to Berlin, Germany, known by many of you) to my name.
  • waiting 2-1/2 hours to get Jolanda’s social security card
  • visiting schools trying to find the right one for the girls
  • apartment hunting
  • just getting in and out of a Wal-Mart in under two hours is already a miracle

Our temporary home!

Snow in Colorado Springs


We found a school that Lisa and Sarah both liked the looks of and they have been going for about a week-and-a-half now. They are slowly settling in, although Sarah had a major meltdown a couple of mornings ago and didn’t want to let go of mommy so she could leave. This is never an easy thing to do, but at the end of the day she was fine.

They are making friends and getting extra attention from the ELL (English Language Learning) teacher to help them catch up in their English learning. The only thing we as parents are a little overwhelmed by is the homework.

Sarah making new friends

Lisa and her teacher Mrs. Johnson



We have also already dived into work a little bit, although we’re trying to give ourselves some time to get adjusted before we really jump in headfirst. YWAM360, the team we will be working with here, have been having extra staff meetings every Thursday morning to talk through strategies for the coming year. As we mentioned before, they have been in a time of transition since last April when they laid down the international projects they had been working on and changed their name.

Whereas they had been focusing mostly on YWAM International before, we will now be focusing more on local outreach as well. Some of the things that are on the schedule for this year are:

  • hosting an outreach team of young people from Texas
  • going on outreach to the Hopi in Arizona
  • helping at risk youth here in Colorado Springs

They haven’t given up the international ties, of course, and continue to travel and teach around the world. Just this week, I was invited by one of my fellow staff to teach in communication workshops in Chile and Argentina. There is also an opportunity to teach at a communication worksop in Los Angeles this July.

I have also already rolled into working on a couple of projects with the staff here. We’ll be telling you more about those in future updates, but I will tell you they are pretty exciting.

Grandma and Grandpa

And, of course, our update wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the great support we have received from my Mom and Dad. They drove our new van up filled with things donated by our church friends in Globe, Arizona. We wish we could thank you all individually, but please rest assured that we are very blessed by all your generous “house warming” gifts. It has been helpful for us and especially for the girls to getting adjusted to life here to have Grandpa and Grandma visiting. A big thank you to the River of Life church for releasing them to come and be with us.

Thanks again for reading four update and thank you all for your prayers and support.