Anyone who has ever flown before in an airplane, knows what it’s like to arrive at your destination, only to have to circle the airport in what’s known as a “holding pattern” until it’s your turn to land. Well, in some ways, that’s how we’re feeling right now.

Thankfully, though, we don’t just have to sit idly by until it’s time to land at our new destination. We are keeping ourselves busy with the task at hand.

You’re going to be getting two updates from us this month, lucky you! There’s plenty of news to share about what we’ve been up to the last couple of months, but first, a quick update on Jolanda’s visa/green card process.

Here’s a quick timeline and recap of what we have done so far.


I sent in the “Petition for Alien Relative” which is the first step in the process. This is basically to establish that we really do qualify to apply for the visa. I.e., I am really a US citizen, we are really married, it’s not just a “marriage of convenience”, etc. I had to send in my birth certificate, our marriage license, our children’s birth certificates and so on.


The petition was approved which means we can now apply for the visa, but we first have to hear back from the National Visa Center.

I realized that, since we lived in Bosnia for 3 years, Jolanda would need a police certificate (background check) from Bosnia. I started contacting friends of ours that are still living there to see if anyone would be able to help us out, acting as our representative and go to the proper authorities to apply for the certificate. Thankfully, our friend Jocelyn (we worked with her and her husband when we were there) agreed to do it for us.


Since it had been more than 30 days since the petition had been approved, I called the National Visa Center and heard that they had contacted us in July already, but since they had gotten our email address wrong, we never got that email, obviously. They resent it and we were able to continue with the rest of the process.

Our friend Jocelyn went in to the authorities in Zenica, Bosnia and, utilizing all her knowledge and skills of the Bosnian language and culture and with a lot go God’s grace, she was able to request the police certificate. At first, they didn’t want to give it to her since we are no longer living there, but we knew it was possible so she persisted, humbly and calmly and they finally relented and agreed to set it in motion.

This could take up to a month before it’s ready and we’re three weeks into it so we’re really praying we will have it this month.

The house where we will be “landing” for the first weeks

In August, I also sent in the “Affidavit of Support” which is simply meant to show that we do have enough money to live there. It looks like strictly support-wise, we don’t have enough monthly support, so raising more monthly support is something we will be working on in the next few months.

Thankfully, they do accept co-sponsors and we have found someone who is willing to act as a co-sponsor for us which basically means that, as far as the US government is concerned, Jolanda won’t become a “public charge”.

So, the big question is: “When will we be moving to Colorado?” We’re fairly certain and we have faith that we will have the visa by December. In light of this, we felt it would be a good idea to book our flights for sometime in the middle of December. That way, we have a little bit more peace about it because we have a final departure date that we can work towards. It will also give us plenty of time to round things off here and give away, sell or store the things we won’t be taking with us.

Sarah and Lisa love their bikes

This weekend, we shared with the girls that we found a cheap flight to Colorado. And amazingly, they still allow us to check two bags each whereas most other airlines do not allow this anymore. And, as an added bonus, we can check our bikes on the plan for an added $56 each. When the girls heard that, they were very happy. Lisa’s response (with a look of joy on her face) was: “Oh yeah, we’re going to live there this time!”

We would like to ask you to consider helping us financially with the move. We will be leaving behind most of our stuff and, of course, we hope to sell some of it.

Would you like to help us out? Here are some examples of things:

  • An airplane ticket $490
  • Checking in an extra bag $130
  • Checking in a bike $56
  • Jolanda’s visa application $900
  • A housewarming gift (either financial or the actual item).

Please be in prayer with us for:

  • Jolanda’s visa, that everything would go in a timely fashion, especially in HIS timing. We’re fairly certain that we will get it, something would really have to go wrong for us not to, but we still want to be keeping the whole processed soaked in prayer.
  • Grace and peace for us and the girls. Wisdom on how to handle the move, packing, etc and how to involve the girls so they will realize that it is as much their move as it is ours.