Jo with Lusia Jolanda
Jolanda is mentoring two students at the moment. Lusia Pangaribuan is a DTS student from Indonesia. Jennifer Cook is a young American lady who is staff with YWAM in Georgia (the Eastern European country). She is here for three months doing the Biblical Core Course.

Jolanda also recently organized a love feast here at Heidebeek. She’s very good at these kinds of things and she enjoyed doing it very much. (That’s where these pictures were taken.)

Effective Communication Workshop (ECW) in Budapest
In October, I (Rodney) was in Budapest for a week for an Effective Communication Workshop (ECW) and EuroCom meetings. They were held on a “boatel”, that is, a boat hotel which is permanently docked in Budapest on the shore of the Danube river. You may recall that he was in Budapest in May for a meeting, well this was the same boat.

The ECW was a great success with 20 participants, mostly from Central Europe. Subjects included Jesus-style communication, public speak, writing, newsletters, design and layout and websites. It was a 2-1/2 day whirlwind course and the participants loved it. In an impromptu show-of-hands survey at the end, more than half said they would be interested in attending a follow-up course sometime in the future and all of them recommended we continue giving these kind of workshops.

EuroCom meetings
On the day after the ECW, we started meeting as EuroCom. We sent out general (and specific) invitations to YWAM staff working in communication in Europe. The attendance was small, but it was a good group and I was very encouraged by it.

We had people representing Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Bosnia, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. We were also please to welcome Rob Abraham , Director of YWAM’s International Communication Network in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, and Carmelita Clarke, Director of YWAM’s Central Europe region.

The purpose of the meeting was two-fold. First of all, to reconnect with people who are already involved in EuroCom and also to connect with people who are working with communication in Europe and would like to be a part of the “bigger picture” of Europe-wide communication.

We also discussed some of the needs in Europe and came up with several projects which we will be working on in the coming time. Some of which are:
– 30-second video spots highlighting one of YWAM’s 17 values.
– A European mailing list which would reach all staff in Europe
– Coordinating translators for international YWAM communication
– Website templates based on’s new look that will be freely available to all YWAMers to use for their own region’s, nation’s, base’s and personal websites.
– Communication training for leaders (there are already some exciting developments in this area which I will share about in our next update)

Western Europe Leadership Team (WELT) meeting
At the end of October, I was privileged to attend the Western Europe Leadership Team (WELT) meeting in Malaga, Spain. The WELT is made up of mostly national leaders and ministry coordinators from Western Europe (click here for a map of YWAM’s Western Europe region). It was good to be able to connect up with them and also to share a little about what EuroCom has been up to and is planning.

It was also good to be able to provide some input from a communication standpoint on the other agenda points that were brought up.

Once again, we thank you for taking the time to read our update. We also want to ask you to keep us in your prayers.

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