The days are getting longer here in Holland, and the weather is slowly starting to warm up. We’re thankful for the warmer weather and the promise of Summer that’s just around the corner.


It’s been almost 4 weeks since I came back from Romania. I was there for a week with a team of people helping to staff a course called Call2Worship. The team consisted of Belinda van de Loo, Didi Companjen and myself who came from Holland to teach, Richard Mauney who is a missionary living in Romania, and five YWAM staff from the base there in Romania. There were 15 participants from all over Romania.

Some of them were worship leaders, all of them involved in worship in one way or another. We taught on subjects such as Hebrew words for praise, the Biblical foundation of worship, lifestyle of worship, the Tabernacle of Moses, and many other topics.

At the end of the week the students testified to having learned a lot and being greatly built up. Hopefully they went back to their own churches with a renewed vision and calling to help lead their churches in worship. Another praise report is that through severl generous gifts, my entire trip is paid off.


The Friday after I came back from Romania, I went to speak on worship in a church in Belgium. I was with their pastors and the people involved in worship in the church. First I shared about worship as an offering and then we had an hour of Q&A and discussion. It was good to be there as it reminded me of The River of Life about 20 years ago when we first made them move into Praise and Worship.

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Sarah and Lisa

Our two girls are doing great. Sarah is growing well. She smiles a lot and even gives up a laugh or two now and then. The cutest thing to see is the bond between her and Lisa. If anyone can get a laugh out of Sarah then it’s Lisa.

Lisa is going through a strong-willed phase: wanting to do everything herself and usually succeeding, and also not listening very well to her parents. In spite of this, we see her growing in her knowledge of God. She had been sick last week, and as is our habit, we had prayed for her. That evening at the dinner table she was feeling better and we said we were going to pray for the meal. She spontaneously offered to pray and started by thanking Jesus for making her better and also for the food, amen.

This week, Jolanda was explaining to Lisa that she was also sick like Lisa had been. All of a sudden, Lisa stood up and scrunched up her eyes and starting praying for her mommy: “Thank you Lord for making mama better, just like you made me better, amen.”


Jolanda mostly does what she’s so good at, being a mother. And not just to our two girls, but also to other ladies here at the base. She is a mentor to several young ladies, one of which is a Dutch girl in love with an American guy. Jo is in a perfect position to offer her advice. She has also started working in the pastoral and staff care and development teams again.

Thank you once again for your prayers and support and for taking the time to read this update.