The “Merry month of May” has begun and Spring is fully underway here
in Holland.? Flowers are blooming everywhere and the trees are hung
decoratively once again with blossoms.

A fall and a scareLast Tuesday morning Lisa gave us quite a scare. She climbed up our
steep stairs (more like a ladder) that lead up to our second floor all
by herself, and just as she was almost to the top, she fell.? She
started crying and Jolanda was there immediately to pick her up.? We
started looking her over for outward sings of injury and when we
noticed that she seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness, we
decided to take her to the doctor.

In the car on the way over she threw up several times (a sure sign of a concussion).? When we finally got in to see the doctor, he looked her over and concluded that she probably had a slight concussion.? He advised us to let her sleep as much as she wanted, but to be sure and wake her up every two hours to ensure that there was no internal bleeding.? That meant that we also had to wake her every two hours in the night, which meant that we didn’t get much sleep Tuesday night.?We are thankful to report, though, that she doesn’t seem to have any lasintg effects.? Tuesday and Wednesday, she grabbed her head and back several times saying, “owie”.? She even pointed to the stairs several times throughout the course of the day, frowning, with an emphatic “owie”.?Youth AlphaA few weeks ago, I (Rodney) was privileged to speak about the Holy Spirit at a Youth Alpha day. In the morning, I spoke for a half hour on who the Holy Spirit is and what He does. In the afternoon, I spoke on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and we had a ministry time afterwards.?Not all of the groups were ready for a ministry time yet, so their leaders took them into a separate room to discuss the subject some more. I stayed with a group of about 7 participants and we prayed for each other one by one.?The feedback was positive, and I hope that they learned a lot. I know that several participants were touched by the Spirit during the worship and ministry times.{mospagebreak}Call2WorshipThis month, I (Rodney) will be taking a two-week course called Call2Worship. The course is focused on young worship leaders and musicians and I hope that this will be a step in the right direction to start doing more teaching myself on worship.?Some of the topics of the seminar include: spiritual warfare, worship as a lifestyle, David, song-writing, etc. I’m really excited about this and am looking forward to the course. I will be doing it with seven other students only four of which are Dutch, so the course will definitely have an international flavor.?Jolanda’s WorkJolanda has agreed to take on a couple of responsibilities within the Staff Care and Development (SCAD) team. She will be taking over the task of facilitating connecting new staff with hosts among the current staff and connecting staff with mentors. She will also be taking on the ministry of visiting staff who have been sick for an extended period (longer than a week).?She is looking forward to these new duties, but also feeling a bit of trepidation about how she is going to combine this with being a mother. Besides these activities, she is still involved weekly with Member Care, praying for missionaries on the field and making birthday cards to encourage them.?WebsitesWe maintain several blogs, the newest of which is The Donkey’s Mouth. I started this out at our normal website, but have now switched over so that the blog has is own website. The address is This is a collection of posts about life, science, current events and thoughts from the Bible.Please check it out, feel free to leave comments on posts, and if you want you can subscribe to the blog by entering your e-mail address. You will then receive a short e-mail every-time I update the page, which usually happens once a day on average. Another way to keep informed is by subscribing to the rss feed.?Thank you once again for reading our update. We appreciate your involvement in our ministry and lives.?Blessings,Rodney, Jolanda and Lisa