Dear Family and Friends,
As the last vestiges of Winter’s chill are almost completely left behind,
the temperatures begin to rise, the flowers begin to bloom; we can say
– if not without some hesitation – that Spring has sprung!
We have a lot of news this time, so let’s get to it.

Our house
Now that the weather is turning a little warmer and sunnier, Lisa has
been playing outside a lot more. Right outside her front door is a
veritable paradise of toys, sandboxes and playground equipment not
to mention all the other little boys and girls she has to play with.
She would stay outside all day if we let her.

We are thoroughly enjoying being here in this house, and consider ourselves
extremely blessed to have this place.

Our Work
As we promised last time, we can tell you a little more about some of
the areas that we have been asked to work in. We have been invited
to join to different teams. I say different teams, but they are closely

One of those teams is the Staff Care and Development team (SCAD) which
is involved in many different areas at Heidebeek including organizing
the small groups, which are required for new staff members to be a part
of, biweekly meetings where a special speaker addresses the staff, connecting
staff people with a mentor, etc.

The other team we have been invited to join is the Pastoral Team, which
is actually a part of the SCAD (it’s the “C”). The Pastoral
team is made up of people who offer a listening ear to staff who are
in need of some moral support, or who are in an emotional or spiritual

We have not definitely committed to either of these, but having met
with the SCAD team already, we definitely see possibilities for us. Some
of our ministry might include organizing small groups, lining up speakers
to speak to the staff, giving input (teaching) to the staff on various
subjects and visiting staff who have been sick for a long time.

Jolanda’s Mother
Jo’s Mom just finished her first two weeks of chemotherapy. The chemo
is a new from which is in pill form and she can take it at home. She
had very little side effects, but she’s glad she has a week break.
She felt if she had gone for another week, she would have had more.
Her hands and mouth were getting sensitive and she was very tired.

50 days of prayer and fasting
The international leadership of YWAM has called for a season between
easter and Pentecost of extra times of fasting and prayer. The priority
in doing this is to re-align with words God has spoken in the past,
our foundational values, but also to hear Him speak new and creative
words. Asking forgiveness for areas where we have not obeyed Him, and
putting our relationships right with one another is what is meant by “re-alignment”.

If you’re interested in knowing more, you can look up the website at There you can also learn more about a new concept called
4K, which is a new framework for visualizing the unreached of the world.

This has been a long update, but we thank you for your interest and
especially for your prayers.

Rodney, Jolanda and Lisa Blevins